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Research opportunities


We welcome talented and motivated postdocs. Please get in touch with Kajsa to discuss opportunities. She hopes to start hiring early 2019, and is happy to help develop proposals for funding applications through e.g. the Swedish Research Council, European or American funding bodies, or autism foundations. Postdocs should have research experience in the field of neuroscience, and ideally have programming experience and MRI skills.  

PhD students

Prospective PhD students should contact Kajsa directly to discuss what is available. Interesting collaborations with clinical or preclinical researchers exist. International students are encouraged to look for funding opportunities through mobility PhD grants etc. 

Masters students

We accept masters students - please contact Kajsa to hear what projects are possible.  

Work training as rehabilitation 

We accept people with disabilities or illness who participate in the Swedish programme for return to work (Arbetsträning through Arbetsförmedlingen/Forsäkringskassan). Currently positions are filled, but we encourage you to ask about future opportunities. Unless you already have research experience, it is most likely that you get to work with Extraordinary Brains' outreach activities


The university has a strict policy against volunteering in laboratories. However, we do welcome visitors who would like to know more or just have a chat. There may also be possibilities within the international Extraordinary Brains project - please contact us if interested.