Research Themes

(This is about my current research: for a summary of research I did as a student, click HERE)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

With support from the Simons Foundation (SFARI Explorer Award 2016, Graziano) we are currently studying gender differences in neurotypical and autistic people. We also recently published a study on possible cerebellar dysfunction in ASD.  

The brain basis of ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. ADHD) are my primary topic of interest for my own future research program.  

Temporoparietal Junction (TPJ)

The cerebral cortex around the TPJ mediates some of the most complex human functions, such as theory-of-mind and sense of agency. It appears to be a cognitive hub upon which information from almost the entire brain converges. This makes the region fascinating but also difficult to study.

We have done a series of studies in which we identified functional subdivisions in the region and studied their activation in association with a range of behaviors. 

The Kids Project

The Kids Project, led by Prof. Sabine Kastner at Princeton, focuses on neurodevelopment, and in particular how this may be altered in kids with attention deficits, motor problems or reading disorder. 

We do brain imaging and neuropsychological studies on enthusiastic volunteers aged 7-12. We acquire resting state fMRI data, structural connectivity data, and anatomical scans. Please go to our official website for more information.