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CV & Publications

Kajsa Igelström – publications, education and awards

Scientific Publications

Wiskerke J, Stern H, Igelström K. Camouflaging of repetitive movements in autistic female and transgender adults. BioRxiv 412619 [Preprint]. September 10, 2018. Available from:

Igelström KM and Graziano MSA (2017). The inferior parietal lobule and temporoparietal junction: A network perspective. Neuropsychologia 105: 70–83.

Igelström KM, Webb TW and Graziano MSA (2017). Functional connectivity between the temporoparietal cortex and cerebellum in autism spectrum disorder. Cerebral Cortex 27:2617–2627.  

Webb TW, Igelström KM, Schurger A and Graziano MSA (2016). Cortical networks involved in visual awareness independently of visual attention. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113:13923–13928.

Igelström KM, Webb TW, Kelly YT and Graziano MSA (2016). Topographical organization of attentional, social and memory processes in the human temporoparietal cortex. eNeuro 3: 1–12.  

Igelström KM, Webb TW and Graziano MSA (2015). Neural processes in the human temporoparietal cortex separated by localized independent component analysis. The Journal Of Neuroscience 35: 9432–9445. 

Barry MD, Boddington LJ, Igelström, KM, Gray JP, Tseng K-Y, Oorschot DE and Reynolds JN (2014). Utility of intracerebral theta burst electrical stimulation to attenuate interhemispheric inhibition and to promote motor recovery after cortical injury in an animal model. Experimental Neurology 261: 258–266. 

Igelström KM (2013). Is Slack an intrinsic seizure terminator? The Neuroscientist 19: 248–254.

Igelström KM and Heyward PM (2012). Inhibition of hippocampal excitability by citalopram. Epilepsia 53: 2034–2042. 

Igelström KM and Heyward PM (2012). The antidepressant drug fluoxetine inhibits persistent sodium currents and seizure-like events. Epilepsy Research 101: 174–181. 

Igelström KM (2012). Preclinical antiepileptic actions of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors – implications for clinical trial design. Epilepsia 53: 596–605. 

Igelström KM, Shirley CH and Heyward PM (2011). Low-magnesium medium induces epileptiform activity in mouse olfactory bulb slices. Journal Of Neurophysiology 106: 2593–2605. 

Igelström KM, Herbison AE and Hyland BI (2010) Enhanced c-Fos expression in superior colliculus, paraventricular thalamus and septum during learning of cue-reward association. Neuroscience 168: 706–714.



2008-11 Doctor of Philosophy, Physiology, University of Otago, New Zealand 

2004-07 Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (First Class Honours), Functional Human Biology, University of Otago, New Zealand


Awards, Grants and Scholarships

2018 Starting grant, The Swedish Research Council (for project entitled Implementation of cutting-edge neuroimaging technology to characterize and treat neurodevelopmental disorders. Role: Principal Investigator)

2018 Finalist for The "Funktivist" of the Year competition by Funktionshinderbanan. One of five nominees as a "funktivist" – a person who actively supports the neurodiversity movement and believes in equality for people with special needs. 

2018 Starting grant, The Medical Research Council of Southeast Sweden (for project entitled Implementation of methods for functional brain imaging to characterize neural networks in neurodevelopmental disorders. Role: Co-investigator with Prof. Gustafsson, Linköping University)

2018 Project grant to support Extraordinary BrainsStiftelsen Autism, Autism- och Aspergerförbundet, Sweden. (Role: Principal Investigator)

2017 Crowdfunding, outreach effort on social media (analysis and dissemination of study on repetitive behaviors in female/transgender autism. Role: Principal Investigator) 

2016 SFARI Explorer Award, Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (research grant to study gender differences of the temporoparietal junction in neurotypical and autistic people. Role: postdoctoral researcher)

2011 Exceptional PhD Thesis Award, University of Otago, New Zealand (awarded when all three examiners agree that the thesis is of an exceptional standard in every respect (research content, originality, quality of expression and accuracy of presentation) and is amongst the top 10% of theses examined) 

2011 Goddard Prize for Best Student Oral Presentation at the Australasian Winter Conference on Brain Research, Queenstown, New Zealand

2008 University of Otago Prestigious PhD Scholarship (awarded to top 10 candidates) 

2008 Student Speaker Award, 1st Prize, Otago Medical School Research Society, New Zealand

2007 Summer Research Scholarship, Otago Medical Research Foundation, New Zealand

2006 University of Otago Scholarship in Biomedical Sciences (awarded to top 3rd year students) 

2006 Eccles Prize in Physiology, Dunedin Company of Physiologists, New Zealand (awarded to the top 2nd year student) 

2006 Summer Research Scholarship, The Health Research Council of New Zealand

2005 Summer Research Bursary, The Functional Genomics, Gene Expression and Proteomics Research Theme at the University of Otago, New Zealand

2000 Award, Stiftelsen AF Huzén, Borlänge, Sweden (Monetary award to a student who has shown an especially great interest for and knowledge of classical and modern music.)


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network, USA

The National Autistic Society, United Kingdom

The Autism and Asperger Association, Sweden

Attention, Sweden