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Kajsa Igelstrom's shared data/resources for the brain imaging community

IPL/TPJ subdivisions from Igelstrom et al. (2015)


Click on the labels below to download masks from Figure 2D in the first paper on the TPJ, as compressed nifti files. Please note that the ROI mask ("IPL/TPJ mask 3 mm") was based on a probabilistic atlas and therefore did not cover the posterior angular gyrus in all subjects. TPJd and TPJp may therefore on average extend more posteriorly than the masks show here.

If you try to use FSL Melodic to parcellate this region, I recommend that you always use the IC time courses for a voxel-wise connectivity analysis just to confirm that you have subdivisions that "make sense" based on previous studies. I find that I can use multiple cohorts of >>20 people and the spatial extent of ICs differs in the group maps just based on individual variability (which of course is one of the really enticing features of this region!).

Please see Neuropsychologia review (2017) for more discussion and details.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.